The Outback – Australian Steakhouse


The Outback is a new Australian themed restaurant located on the main road of Canton near St. David’s Hospital.

Having been open for only two weeks, we can forgive the basic decor.  Plain, Ikea style with a feeling of bareness.  Cleaning products including a mop were visible from the seating area, and the rap music coming from the kitchen sat uncomfortably next to the ambient acoustic playing from the main restaurant speakers.  I did spy a living garden planted on one of the walls, and a few small posters, but the restaurant felt unfinished, lacking in polish.  It could be suggested that the managers decide upon either following an outback theme, i.e. saloon style doors, natural decorations, and a few more tables to add to the ‘hygge’ or cosy feel.  Or that they stay with the less cluttered but smart design but decoration such as wall art and ambient lighting, cover the exposed kitchen opening, and kill the additional rap music.



Despite the lack of finesse.  The waiting staff were friendly without being obtrusive, polite, knowledgable and able to confidently recommend dishes for those less experienced in ‘exotic’ meats.  This ensured that the overall experience was improved from the first impressions.


Offering a range of unusual meats, ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, alongside reasonable price and splurge steak cuts.  All mains come with a choice of various sides and sauces.

We began our meal with Baked Camembert in a crusty loaf topped with herbs and a balsamic glaze, alongside traditional Biltong with salad and balsamic glaze.  The camembert was slightly undercooked, meaning that what should have been a fondue, ended up being slightly more of a dairylee, the Biltong was enjoyed all around.


Mains chosen were Ostrich Steak with sea salt, alongside chips and a Australian Pepper Sauce, and the Kangaroo Steak with sweet potato fries and a Plum and Chili Sauce.  The mains were excellent, meat perfectly pink inside, and both the sauces truly complimented the meats well.  Ostrich would be the best choice for the less adventurous, whilst the Kangaroo was more similar to game meat and had a more pungent flavour.


Needless to say, a great main, with great service is always a winner to me.  I’d be very interested to see how this little gem evolves over the coming months as they settle in to their new location.  Definitely one we will revisit soon.  I’d highly recommend this restaurant for any steak lover seeking something a little less ordinary.


The Outback

  • Website
  • Tel: 07417589758
  • Opening hours: everyday 12.00 – 23.00